MCK Truck depot background

MCK Truck Depot

A new truck repair depot and associated offices in Lubumbashi, DRC.


This is a 3 phase development on a 6 hectare site. The phases include a Truck Depot, main offices including ancillary and catering facilities.

The proposal will maximise views to the south and where possible landscaped elements will be integrated within and around the building to improve the quality and working experience of the inhabitants.

Future expansion has been considered in the site strategy and where necessary, sustainable technologies have been considered to assist with cooling, heating and lighting of the site and buildings.

  • Type: Commercial
  • Location: Lubumbashi, DRC
  • Project Architect: Mbachi Kaluba
  • Client: MCK Trucks SPRL
  • Project area: 16,000m2
  • Material: Local Bamboo, concrete, local clay, bricks, steel, grass roof
  • Engineering: Katumbi Construction
  • Construction: Kiboko Construction, Katumbi Construction
  • Project Period: Feb 2011 - 2013
  • Photographs: Mbachi Kaluba
  • Physical Model: Mbachi Kaluba/Amalgam Model makers