Organic Living background

Organic Living Residential Development

A residential development to promote a healthy lifestyle and local food production.


Organic Living is an approach to housing that evolves an ecologically grounded typology within the existing neighbourhood of Swanscombe to maximize sustainable energy sources, enhance the environment and to promote a healthy-living lifestyle, including local food production - for the benefit of the entire community.

As a mechanism that is part of a new wider social and environmental strategy, the buildings are assembled from a mixture of natural and sustainable manmade materials in a range of new-build, retrofit and landscape configurations that acknowledge changing demographics and the need for localized living, working, food economy and agricultural education.

This project was nominated for the RIBA Presidents Medal award in 2008.

  • Type: Residential
  • Location: Thames Gateway, UK
  • Project Architect: Mbachi Kaluba
  • Client: University of the West of England
  • Project area: 4,000sqm
  • Material: Concrete, rammed earth, glass, timber, glulam
  • Project Period: 2007 - 2008